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The world's best

therapeutic pillow.

  • Stay comfortable longer.
  • 1 pillow = 3 elevations.
  • Promotes healing faster.
  • Firm, soft support right where you need it. 
"It’s a joy to have my pillow who is so soothing, molding around my aching arm. It’s also invaluable while I sleep by supporting my arm and keeping it from moving around."
Marlene from PA

Normal pillows

slip and shift. 

Poised Pillows

stay put.

I LOVE my Poised Pillows! They are the greatest thing to come to me in years of trying to be comfortable in bed.
Dr. Tom Bailey, DMD

Relief at last!

The sudden curveball in Billy's health

left him in pain and required rest to heal.

Learn how Poised Pillows

finally helped him sleep.

Doctors recommend two things
for more effective healing:

Keeping limbs raised
improves circulation.*
Firm stability promotes
comfort and reduces soreness.

Poised Pillows do both!

Elevating painful limbs caused by injury, surgery or cellulitis helps to reduce swelling, which relieves pain.  

Raising the affected body part uses gravity to help return blood flow back to your body core.  

Poised Pillows conform to your body right where they’re needed.

They hold their shape to easily and comfortably support your body, reduce pressure and promote healing.

*Always ask your doctor about the right time to elevate after surgery to avoid blood clots
"I have suffered with low back pain for decades. When it flares up, I need solid support while I sleep. The Poised Pillow provides just that. It has the perfect characteristics to stay put during a night’s sleep.”

Mike Duncan

President and CEO, Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital

Are Poised Pillows for you?

Our pillows are ideal for aches & pains, large and small:

Leg/Knee surgery

Arm/Shoulder injury

Breaks & Sprains

Neck pain

Back pain

Varicose veins

Orthopedic Health




Cardiac patients 



Cancer patients

"Using this pillow to prop my knee definitely relieved the pain, gave me wonderful support and, I believe, enabled it to heal quicker."


Phyllis, North Carolina



Cana's fracture was one of the worst, with intense pain and a long recovery. 


Her Poised Pillow kept her comfortable, elevated and stable while she healed. 

Get 10% off your order! Use coupon code "pillow4me"

Powered by Buckwheat & Love

We're filling you in on our secret.
Why buckwheat?
Most importantly: It doesn’t shift. 
It stays put through the night. It’s comfortable and soft, but when you position it, it stays put.

All buckwheat is:

  • Organically grown.

  • Hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust mites & pests.


Our buckwheat is:

  • Carefully researched and hand-selected to be ideal for therapeutic pillows. 

  • Milled with a full body, providing good air flow so your pillow stays cool.

  • US-grown, milled and air-cleaned (with no chemicals, pesticides or fumigation allowed, as in many foreign-grown supplies.)

Hand-made Quality

Thoughtful & refined design, tested and proven in real recovery settings. 


100% cotton twill fabric - More substantial & stronger with an durable cross weave.


Every seam is reinforced and surged for strength & smoothness.


Each pillow is filled just right for maximum support & conformability.


Each design is sized & weighted specifically for a specific job.

We can't heal it.

But we can sure make it more comfortable.

"This pillow is so amazing! I ruptured my achilles tendon which lead to surgery. I have used this pillow every day since it arrived. Thank you so much."
Jeff from PA

Elevating Comfort to a New Level.

See them in action.

Every pillow can be used in 3 elevations, helping limbs heal faster. 

Our leg pillow supports the FULL leg for maximum comfort.

Support everywhere it's needed. 

Kids-sized pillows available!

Exceptional back support.

Personal? You bet it is. 

Evelyn "Ozzie" Nelson is a below-the-knee amputee. She's had 2 total knee replacements, back surgery and recently fractured her femur. 

Clearly, she's no stranger to injury, surgery & pain.

Elevating her limbs provided better comfort and healing, but constantly battling shifting pillows was exhausting.

She made her first buckwheat pillow and was amazed at the support it gave, allowing more time to rest and recover. 

For nearly 10 years, Ozzie's been making them for friends who experience aches, pains and injuries – with remarkable results every time. 

Now, these remarkably simple-but-effective pillows are gaining the attention of doctors, physical therapists and other medical professionals.

Our deepest hope is that these pillows make your own recover and healing process more comfortable. 

Get 10% off your order! Use coupon code "pillow4me"

We Support Your Healing

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